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Start a real business with repeatable steps.

Business Startup Guide Kokono

How does business work?

Trade value

Business is a system where you provide customers with valuable items in exchange of money.
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Learn to think like a business owner

Work from Home Guide Kokono transparent

Week 1: Customer

Who do you serve?

  • User Testing Interview
  • Target Persona
  • Market Size

Week 2: Problem

Where is the customer pain?

  • Empathy Map
  • Competitors
Marketing Course for Beginners

Week 3: Value

How do you help?

  • Value Proposition
  • Benefits, Features
  • Products

Week 4: Price

What's the worth?

  • Competitors
  • Positioning
  • Costs
Productivity Mini Course at Kokono

Week 5: Money

How does the money move?

  • Cashflow
Problem Solving Mini Course at Kokono

Week 6: Process

How do you grow?

  • 6/6/6
  • Experiment Design
  • Playbooks
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Your Business Project

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