WordPress Website Training


Learn to update your WordPress website in simple steps.

What will you learn during your website workshop?

Updating your WordPress website can feel like an overwhelming task. It does not have to be this way! Choose Kokono as your learning guide and we will meet for a WordPress website training hour online. After each session, you will come back with practical skills. In each session, you will learn one or more skills.

Writing Online and Blogging. Learn how to publish business blogs on your computer and mobile phone.

Text and Photos on WordPress. Learn how to change headlines, paragraphs and photos on your website.

Keywords. Learn how to update your website for google search results and write for your potential customers who search for information online.

Product Names, Prices, Descriptions, Photos. Learn how to edit existing products on your online shop and add new products.

Contact Forms. Learn how to collect information you need from your customers.

Menu. Learn how to update a navigation menu and have several menus, e.g. on the top and footer of your website.

Website Visitors and Analytics. Learn the steps for viewing who is visiting your website with Google Analytics.

Plugins. Learn how to do more with your WordPress website with tiny programs called plugins.

Bear in mind that you will need to schedule multiple learning sessions to take all of these steps! Why? Simply because your learning depends on what kind of skills you already have and how familiar you are with web technologies.

How does your online learning happen?

1 hour video call with your trainer. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono website training?

If you seek skills, welcome. Kokono training will show you very clearly how to update your WordPress website on your own.