Social Media Training


Schedule automated posts for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter once a week and measure your performance.

Social media training will help you to plan your posts in advance, schedule them once a week and see updates going live without your efforts.

What will you learn during this social media workshop?

Content training will show you how to create original content for social media.

Copywriting will teach you to write in a helpful way for online engagement.

Professional photos are available freely online. After your training, you will know where to go for high quality photos that are free to use for your business marketing.

Social media planning will show you how to organise your creative ideas into marketing themes.

Automation tools will help you to schedule your content once a week for automatic updates.

Influencer analytics will show you how to find so-called influencers who have large following and which your business could sponsor to increase your chances to be discovered on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

You may need to schedule multiple learning sessions to take all of these steps!

How does your learning happen?

1 hour video call with your trainer. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono social media training?

If you seek skills, welcome. Kokono social media automation training will show you very clearly how to create original content and schedule your posts once a week for automatic updates.