Sales Training


Learn to explain your products and services as special offers your customers want to buy.

Sales training helps business owners to create sales proposals and present special offers to potential customers.

What will you learn during sales workshop?

Target Persona tool creates a clear definition of who your customers are. It is a useful tool when you want to understand your customers’ behaviour, needs, wants and goals.

Value Proposition answers a key question of why people should choose your business over your competitors. First, we will make a list of your product or service features, then we will explain features as benefits that sound appealing to people.

Pricing Strategies help to put a price on your products or services. This way, it is easier for your customers to spend money on what you offer.

Sales Proposal is your sales offer as a .pdf file.

Writing Training helps to prepare a sales script which you can use when calling your potential customer over a phone and sending sales emails.

Social Selling will help you to find your target customers online on a social media network LinkedIn.

Cold Calling technique creates a list of potential customers which helps to practise approaching potential clients even you don’t know them.

You may need to schedule multiple learning sessions to take all of these steps!

How does your learning happen?

1 hour video call with your trainer. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono sales training?

If you seek sales skills, welcome. Kokono will show you very clearly how to make sales happen naturally.