My World Expedition

My World Expedition is a bird’s-eye view of your business. Imagine you are certain about your direction, aware of the main elements of your business and are able to navigate towards your vision with more strength.

Join My World Learning Expedition for a visionary yet practical time with design and marketing tools. Expect to design a business website your customers will love and have a measurable marketing plan done.

How does your expedition unfold?

Goals. Dig deep and get to know your business vision and strategic goals.

Customers. Understand your target audience.

Website. Showcase your business on your website.

Marketing. Have a marketing plan for developing your audience.

Progress. Be able to measure your business progress.

How often do you meet your expedition guide?

Expect monthly 2-hour video calls with your learning expedition guide over five months with a self-paced project. Dates to be confirmed with you.