My Town Expedition

My Town Expedition is a playground where you make use of your skills. Imagine your experience is valued by someone, you are gradually challenged to move outside of your comfort zone and sell your services to strangers, who are now your loyal clients.

Join My Town Learning Expedition for a playful time with design and marketing tools. Expect to design a real service and have an advertising plan done.

How does your expedition unfold?

Ideas will come from exploring your interests, knowledge and abilities.

Market research will map competitors in your local market and help to spot business opportunities.

Service design will create your service offering.

Sales proposal explains your service benefits to your target customer clearly.

Marketing plan will guide you step-by-step in promoting your service locally.

How often do you meet your expedition guide?

Expect monthly 1-hour video calls with your learning expedition guide over five months with a self-paced project. Dates to be confirmed with you.