My Self Expedition

My Self Expedition is a journey of self-discovery. Imagine you wake up with a sense of purpose, trust your decisions and are able to solve daily challenges easier.

Join My Self Learning Expedition for a meaningful time with self-knowledge, online learning and design tools. Expect to get to know yourself better and have a career plan done.

How does your expedition unfold?

Personality. Explore your character, strengths and weaknesses.

Story. Know what matters to you, discover your values and map your interests.

Dreams. Set meaningful goals and start a passion project towards your goals.

Career and Learning Plan. Get the tools for learning new subjects and skills on mobile.

Wellbeing. Learn to reflect and change habits.

How often do you meet your expedition guide?

Expect monthly 1-hour video calls with your learning expedition guide over five months with a self-paced project. Dates to be confirmed with you.