Marketing Planning Workshop

Marketing planning workshop helps business owners to gain clarity on a value proposition, target audience and marketing process. 10 weeks supported with a marketing coach and practical exercises.

Marketing planning workshop will show you how to create a unique selling proposition, identify a target audience for your business and practise running your marketing in short cycles that lead to better business results.

What will you learn during marketing workshop?

VALUE: Explain why your business is different from others. We will define a so-called value proposition for your business.

AUDIENCE: Realise how much you know about your market and your customers. We will describe your customers as a so-called niche target audience which will help to find customers exactly where they are.

PROCESS: Manage your marketing in stages and steps. You will start running marketing in cycles and aiming for a repeatable process.

How does your learning happen?

10 weekly video calls with your marketing coach, email support in between calls. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono marketing planning workshop?

If you want to know how and how to get better, welcome. Kokono marketing planning sessions will help you plan your marketing step-by-step.