Marketing Planning Training


Learn to manage your business marketing in steps.

Marketing planning training will show you how to create a content calendar for your business.

What will you learn during marketing training?

After learning with Kokono, you will be able to describe your business with more confidence and take marketing steps with joy. Choose this training hour to start learning the following skills:

Explain why your business is different from others. We will define a so-called value proposition for your business.

Realise how much you know about your market and your customers. We will describe your customers as a so-called niche target audience which will help to find customers where they are.

Manage your marketing in stages and steps. I will show you how to organise your creative ideas by reflecting on your customer behaviour, and this way use marketing to achieve a concrete business result.

You may need to schedule multiple learning sessions to take all of these steps!

How does your learning happen?

1 hour video call with your trainer. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono marketing planning training?

If you seek skills, welcome. Kokono marketing training will show you how to plan your marketing for clarity and business results.