Ideation Training


Learn to raise questions, make sense of information and create ideas for business.

Ideation training shows how to collect ideas for business through research and inspiration.

What will you learn during ideation training?

Note-taking is a useful way to capture observations on the go. You will learn to pause, write a diary and take notes.

Research sparks your curiosity and leads to discovery. You will get the tools for formulating questions and designing an action plan to find information that will help you answer your questions.

Synthesis beats the information overload. You will learn to make sense of information during your research.

Inspiration techniques will show you how to collect ideas through web browsing and social media networks.

Biomimicry is a way to create ideas by observing patterns in nature. You will learn to “copy” nature when looking for ideas for business.

Visual thinking is a helpful technique for capturing ideas on the go. You will learn to explain ideas fast on a sheet of paper.

Writing training will help you to write clearly and be specific in how you use words to express your thoughts.

You may need to schedule multiple learning sessions to take all of these steps!

How does your learning happen?

1 hour video call with your trainer. Date to be confirmed with you.

Why choose Kokono ideation training?

If you seek skills, welcome. Kokono will show you very clearly how to create ideas for business.