Business Website Design

Professional website design service for small businesses. If you want a modern website that serves your business goals and satisfies customer needs, you’re in the right place.

Business website design service creates a professional online presence for small companies.

What can you expect from a website design service?

Mobile website. Professional business websites work everywhere, on computers, tablets and mobile.

Clear website. The purpose of every business website is to be understood. Lucky you! Kokono writes clearly and organises your business into a website that reflects your customers expectations.

Beautiful website. Try explaining your business so that your customers love it? It’s super hard if you have never done it. With a marketing message and professional photos your customers will say WOW.

Human language. No one likes technical jargon. Do you? Kokono is your friendly guide into the world of all things websites. We focus on what you need and if technology comes in the way we explain web language simply.

Website training explained simply. Do you need to hire a developer every time you want to make small edits to your business website? Not today. With our step-by-step training, business owners and small team learn to update their websites with confidence.

Fast and friendly answers to your inquiries. Your business changes as you grow. That’s okay. Kokono will help you to adapt and find the best solutions for your digital business needs.

EU data regulation compliant website (with cookie popups)

Secure website (with SSL)

How to get started selling products from your business website?

You will need an ecommerce website. Kokono creates online stores with WordPress and WooCommerce, which makes it easy for you to add products, change prices, and so on. Moreover, you’re in a good company. WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform on the web.

How to get started with business websites for a new company?

First, think about a name for your website which is called “a domain name”. Check online for other websites with a similar name until you find a unique one. That’s the one you want for your business website! Kokono will also be happy to help you with choosing a memorable domain name, hosting your website and making a web design for your new company.

How much is a web design service?

Professional website design and development with WordPress costs from €850 to €5000 depending on your business goals and needs. The best way to see if we make a good team for your web project is to tell us more about your project and request a quote.