Your Imaginator

Hi, I'm Ruta

I’m a digital marketer, web developer and creative learning facilitator. My passion is helping people realise their dreams! And I have a set of tools prepared for you.

Grow your business with digital tools

Web Design for Business

Websites is where a business starts. Websites conquer business plans. Ha! I’m so happy when I work with a small business and help them develop its home! Digital home.

To me, a website is that magical tool that opens the doors for everyone to do meaningful work (I mean, create value for people!) and do what they love (express oneself!), all while having a flexibility to make a living but keep a lifestyle.

Marketing Course for Beginners

Marketing to me is a playground where everything is possible. And it matters, because sustainable ideas need to spread!

I’m in love with marketing since 2008 when I started questioning why people buy the products they buy. Good question, heh? 

I’m still fascinated with ourselves – humans – and how we connect with one another through words, stories and ever-changing mediums. Blending imagination with technology is so much fun!

Communication Mini Course at Kokono

Helping people develop is beautiful. But my approach to training is a little different. I share the steps that I learned over years and create a safe space for inquiry and experimentation. I believe in learning facilitation and encouragement.

One of my longterm hobbies is indeed personal development. I tried so many techniques for the past 12 years, so that I cannot keep them for myself! Learning by doing is one of them.

Our Chat

"Do we fit to work together? Let's talk. I'm here to talk to you. No commitment! Just a conversation about your business or career goals and needs."
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