Business Startup Guide

Start your own business steps.

How to start a business in steps?

Starting a business is a journey of creating value for people.

This business startup guide will introduce you to a business language and show how you can start a business step-by-step.

Why you exist as a business.

People you serve.

What you offer to people.

Places where you promote your offers.

How you are growing.


"What matters to you?"

Discover a meaningful problem

How to listen and spot problems

A story exercise will help you spot personal problems that matter to you.

Now, research what people need. Who else cares about the same problem?

Find a way to talk to them. Interview 5 people. Any similar answers?

How many people are facing this problem? Is it growing?


"Who do you serve?"

Meet your potential customers

How to discover who your customers might be

Take a sheet of paper and draw a circle. That’s a face of your potential customer. That’s right!

Give it a name. Where do they live? Where does she or he work?

How old are they? How do they solve the problem now?

How do they use the Internet? How do they describe the problem and solutions when googling?


"What do you offer?"

Solve a customer problem in a better way

How to design a valuable service or a product

What’s an ideal solution for this problem?

Talk to people. Research how this problem is solved elsewhere.

How is your solution better? Make a so-called prototype as a poster.

Showcase it to your potential customers. How do they react?


"Where do you sell?"

Educate people about your offers

How to create a marketing plan

How can you get in front of your customers?

What blogs and online forums do they read?

What topics interest them?

What kind of networks they are part of?


"How are you growing?"

Review your actions

How to measure business progress simply

Measuring business progress is simple. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask yourself three questions.

What did you do to move your business forward? What was the result? What will you do next?

Start Your Own Business

Start a business step-by-step with a friendly guidance from Kokono.