Marketing Guide

Steps on how to do marketing.

How to do Marketing?

Marketing steps connect your business with people.

This guide is an introduction to a marketing language.

Words that explain your business online.

Ways to get found by your customers online.

A single place to plan your communication.

Tools to measure your communication success.


"How do you explain your business?"

People use words to navigate the world

How to decide on keywords

Think about words your potential customers use online when looking for similar services as yours.

These words are called keywords. Discover keywords that matter to your business in two ways.

Interview 5 potential customers. Find them on Facebook Groups and LinkedIn, and ask them to be part of a market research interview.

Use keyword planners to view how people search online for similar products as yours.


"How do you educate people about your business?"

People research before they buy

How to communicate about your business in a helpful way

Remember why your business exists. What’s your vision? Also think about what topics you know about but your tribe does not. What’s your expertise?

Now, reflect on your potential customers. What problems and questions do they have?

Write down all ideas that come to mind on sticky notes. One idea per sticky note.

Finally, group all of these ideas by similarity. Give each group a name. Here you’re with a list of blogging ideas!


"How do you plan your communication?"

Share about your business in steps

How to plan your online communication

Trello project management app will help you to organise your online communication strategy in one place.

Take a list of keywords, blogging ideas you came up with, your social media profiles. Save them all on Trello.


"How do your measure marketing?"

Numbers matter

Measure your marketing efforts in steps

Your communication is like trying to convince many strangers to come to your party.

First, you need to go and meet the strangers. Say something worth remembering. Become friends. Then, prepare the party.

Invite them to your party. Remind them about your party coming soon. Sounds like many steps? Well, that’s how marketing works.

Website analytics tool Google Analytics will help you to measure how you are making friends with strangers as a business.

Connect Your Business with People

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