Branding Guide

Stand out from the crowd.

How to create a brand?

Brand is your personality in business.

This branding guide helps to create an authentic character behind your business that is worth remembering.

Why your business exists.

How you help people.

How you make people feel.

What your name means.

What matters to you.


"Why do you exist?"

People remember human stories.

How to discover a story behind your business

The purpose of this business story exercise is to help you discover a background story that inspired you to start a business and the obstacles you went through!

Dig deep. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Ask yourself, what is my story? Write down your personal story and a story of how your business has started.

Now, look at what you wrote. Can you spot what inspired you to start a business? Mark them on paper as problems.

And now, can you spot the steps you took to get where you are now? Circle them on paper and mark as steps.


"How do you help people?"

People give you attention.
But you give value first.

How to come up with a value proposition for your business

The purpose of a value proposition exercise is to reveal how your business is different from your competitors and discover how you provide value to people.

Now, reread your business story. Ask yourself, what is the solution to these problems that inspired you to start a business? Get specific.

Now ask, what do you offer to people? Make a list of your services. How would you describe what you offer in five words?

Why do people need your services? People can probably do it by themselves. Why not? How is it better? What do you offer that no one else does?


"How do you make people feel?"

People forget everything, but remember how you made them feel.

How to reveal feelings behind your business

The purpose of this exercise is to spark your creativity and prepare you for choosing a memorable brand name. 

Reread your business story. When you imagine helping people solve their problems, how does it feel? How do you want people to remember you?

Write down whatever comes to mind. You may want to come up with a metaphor to explain how people feel when they get access to your solutions.

For example, Kokono is like a cocoon during a rainy day. A cocoon is a symbol of safety. That’s a top emotion for Kokono! What’s yours?


"What does your name mean?"

Why not mix creativity with meaning?

How to choose a company or a product name

Recall a feeling your business sparks. What words come to mind? Write them down. Google these words. Check the meanings and synonyms of these words.

Are there any other businesses or projects with the same name? If there are, change some letters in a word or translate it to another language. Careful here. Is it easy to spell? Imagine you are calling to a client and have to spell your website’s name. The easier to spell, the better.

Now test it with people — tell your friends about your project and call the name out. Watch their reaction. If no reaction, think about a more memorable name.

When you picked the name, check if it’s available on social media profiles and as a domain name.


"What mattes to you?"

People like similar others!

How to discover values behind your business

The purpose of this exercise is to discover what deeply matters to you and in a long-run to attract people to your team and as clients who value similar things.

In your business story, you have already spot problems that you want to solve. What triggered you to start your business? Why those problems matter to you?

What would you like to see in the world instead? What positive social norms would you like to spark?

Discover Your Business Personality

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