Career Transition Guide

Discover a career path you love.

Where to start with Career Change?

Changing your career starts with exploring.

This career change guide will guide you step-by-step.

What matters to you.

Topics you’re curious about.
Your tiny experiments!

New skills and new interests.

Thinking, feeling and acting on repeat.


"What's your story?"

Explore Personality

How self-discovery works

Personality is something that we partly discover and partly create.

Explore your character, values, strengths and weaknesses with popular personality tests 16 Personalities, Enneagram, Disc, VIA.

Document your self-discovery journey with a paper note-book and one of the note-taking apps Evernote, Keep or Workflowy. Google Drive is also useful for storing documents!


"What are your curious about?"

See Your Interests in One Picture

How to map your interests

Spark your curiosity and remember childhood dreams. Make a list of all of your interests and research  questions.

Take a bunch of sticky notes and make a list of what you’re curious about. One interest per sticky note.

Stick all of your interests on the wall. Voila! Now, look for ideas for passion projects.


"What makes your heart sing?"

Explore Interests with Tiny Projects

How to manage personal projects

How would you like to explore your interests? Set visionary goals and start a tiny project.

Move forward with your project in steps. Break it down into milestones and then break it again into smaller tasks.

Add tasks into a project management tool Trello or Workflowy. Get tasks done with Kanban and Agile methods.


"What do you want to be able to do?"

Learn New Skills

How to learn to learn

When you work on your project, pause. List skills and knowledge that would help move your project forward.

Find a course that teaches you missing skills on Coursera, EdX, Udemy, Udacity, Skillshare, Lynda, Khan Academy.

When taking an online course, use a Pomodoro technique and pause every 25 minutes. Reflect on your learning with a note-taking app and a paper diary.


"Where do you get stuck?"

Change Your Habits

How to re-write your brain

We are what we repeatedly do. Good news are – we can change our habits.

The first step for changing your habit is to notice a behaviour that keeps repeating.

The next step is to start doing something else instead. Every time you do it, log it on your mobile with one of the habit tracking apps.

Design Your Career

Reveal your interests and design a career for yourself with a friendly career guidance from Kokono.