Creative Business Guides


Work from Home guide helps to transition to a remote work all while having a little bit of fun!

  • Space
  • Warmups
  • Tools
  • Breaks
  • Prizes


Career transition guide is an invitation to explore what matters to you and start experimenting!

  • Personality
  • Interests
  • Projects
  • Skills
  • Habits


Branding guide shows how to create a memorable yet authentic brand for your business.

  • Story
  • Value
  • Feeling
  • Name
  • Values


Website design guide showcases the steps on how to get your first website done!

  • Domain
  • Hosting and Security
  • Content
  • Sitemap
  • Links


Create Your First Product

Design guide helps with creating your first service or a digital product.Coming soon!

  • Value
  • Feedback
  • Price


Marketing guide introduces to the marketing language.

  • Keywords
  • Blogs
  • Calendar
  • Analytics


Business guide is an introduction to starting your first business.

  • Problem
  • Tribe
  • Value
  • Market
  • Progress

Start Your Own Business

Get digital business tools and skills to start your own business.