Experimentation Mini Course

Learn to learn fast and run business startup experiments.

Experimentation Mini Course at Kokono

Why learn to experiment?

Move forward fast

When you find yourself in a new area with more questions than answers, like creating a business startup or beginning to learn a new skill, experiments help you focus on what's the most important now and move to the moment of "I understand" faster.
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Learn to experiment in 4 steps

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Step 1: Vision

Define the end goal. How does your project look like in 10 years?

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Step 2: Now

Define your current situation. What are you working on now? Any obstacles?

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Step 3: Questions

Define what you don’t know yet. What do you believe to be true about this project? How could you fail?

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Step 4: Tests

Plan small action steps. Think about the cheapest ways for you to test if you’re wrong or right and learn from your audience.

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Experimentation Mini Course

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