Business Targets tips from Kokono

Lazy Path to Business Targets

Growing a business is such a pain! So many things to be done everyday until you see any meaningful result. 

Here is a framework that will help you decide on what to do everyday and hit business targets with ease.

Customer Journey

One of the key concepts in marketing is called a “journey”. People go through multiple steps until they develop trust in your brand. Let me explain how it works with a playful example.

Your customers are in the dark jungle. You are the castle. You want to help your customers find the castle. So you’re making marks inside the jungle to guide people your way. In fact, you’re making many marks of a different kind, because you don’t know where exactly your type of people are hiding in the jungle.

You are trying to improve the visibility of your castle (on-site SEO and blogging), sending letters to other castles (partnerships and guest blogging), decorating paths towards your castle (social media), paying for the kings of the jungle to promote you (ads), and so on. If you’re overloaded with marketing steps, read on.

Lazy Thinking

How do you know what’s worth your time? Let’s try a better game. Write down all the marketing ideas you want to try on sticky notes. Now, draw 4 squares as below.

Business targets achieved with High Impact and Low Effort framework
Plan your marketing for high impact and low effort

You want to put all your ideas into one of these 4 squares and choose those tasks that promise high impact with low effort.

Expect to spend little but get a big result. You will be on a lazy path that leads straight to your business targets!

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