Hello World!

Create the worlds you want.

Kokono is place to learn creativity skills. Welcome to a self-directed projects school.

Cocoon for your imagination.

kokono means ‘heart’ and ‘you’ in Japanese, and ‘belongs to the cocoon’ in Lithuanian. At Kokono, you’re invited to start cocooning and feel the joy when creating from within.

Welcome a Brainchild* to your life.

*Idea developed by your mind.


Notice what matters to you and raise smart (and dump!) questions.


Open your mind to new worlds and collect ideas.


Try something new. What happened? Now, make insights.


Create new products, services, initiatives.

Inquire about Kokono online school launching soon.
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  • Kokono supports the growth of brainchildren, so that sentient beings feel good when creating the worlds they want.
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