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Your growth matters. Transform how you think about business, technology and self-improvement. Digital business training comes to your home, office and mobile phone.

How Kokono Can Help You

Click the right buttons

If you want to be able to grow your business online, choose Kokono as your learning guide. You will learn to write and think visually, but also think critically and click the right buttons online.

You can learn. Start with repeatable steps.

"Remember your first cycle on a bike? The same is with learning digital business and exploring self-knowledge. Learn the basic steps. Repeat."
Ruta Danyte
Digital Business Consultant at Kokono

Steps for business and personal growth

Goals Setting

Learn to motivate and direct yourself, and make priorities.

Habits Change

Be aware of your feelings and get to know how to change your habits.

Problem Solving

Learn to reflect and overcome obstacles with problem solving skills.

Creative Ideation

Learn to raise questions and make sense of all information.

My Business on Google

Add a local business to Google Maps.

Business Website

Visualise your offers for online customers.

Marketing Calendar

Create a routine to publish online consistently.

Business Blogging

Learn to write about a business and get found online.

Posters Templates

Create templates for your marketing materials.

Website Analytics

Measure your business website visits.

Projects on Mobile

Manage complex projects easily.

Social Media Automation

Schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and measure performance.


Business welcomes people of all kinds

Connect with loyal customers online

Every business works better with a community of loyal customers. With Kokono, developing your niche audience and serving customers becomes easier. Take helpful marketing steps and expect your customers recommending your business to friends!

Relax and let technology work for you

Imagine your weeks with more hours in a day? Well, web tools and planning can give your freedom back. You can automate parts of your marketing and business operations. Now, go on and relax, take that nap or a weekend break.

Express your creativity through marketing

Your mind is full of hidden ideas for passion projects and new products. Is that right? Marketing is the playground where all ideas are welcome! With the design tools, you will be able to bring your ideas to the world faster.

Navigate a digital world

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