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Unlock your creativity and create value for people. Kokono offers all you need to grow as a creative entrepreneur online.

How to grow your business online

If you need a beautiful website, memorable marketing and a super-power to do more with less, you’re in the right place.

Web Design and Ecommerce
You have products and services ready for people. Showcase your offers on your website or an online store that reaches your customers no matter where they are.
Websites for Beginners Training from Kokono
Marketing Planning Workshop from Kokono
Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing
Your business purpose matters. Marketing will help you turn customer problems into valuable offers. Digital marketing tactics will help develop your niche audience online.
Online Business Training and Creative Mentoring
Your growth matters. Get ready to nurture a resilient problem solver inside you. Leadership mentoring and online business training will empower you to be a creative entrepreneur you want to be.
Business Startup Guide Kokono

Create value from home

"Kokono means "heart" and "you". Kokono is a learning space where entrepreneurs play with repeatable steps for a meaningful business growth. Welcome!"
Imaginator @ KOKONO

Business steps explained simply

Work from Home Guide Kokono transparent
Hack your work with cheerful habits.
Career Transition Guide Kokono
Spread your heart. Unlock your ideas and digital skills.
Brand Guide Kokono

Be memorable. Discover your business personality.

Websites for Beginners Training from Kokono
Learn a foreign language. Make websites.
Business Startup Guide Kokono
Dream big and make ideas happen. Step-by-step.
Marketing Planning Workshop from Kokono

People love sharing. Create messages worth spreading.

Business supports for creative people

Kokono loves helping entrepreneurs move towards their dreams. Do we make a good team?


Approaching customer problems with inquiry.


Sharing know-how to empower people to grow.


Every challenge is easier to solve in a good mood.


Seeing a big picture and creative steps in chaos.

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Creative advice for your business

Tell me about your business and I will answer any questions you have about marketing and websites. Just give me a call. No commitment!