Why Work?
Sell Ideas.

Tools for discovering what matters to you and creating yourself.

Tools for researching your interests and creating ideas.

Templates for presenting ideas on paper and computer.

Process for selling ideas face-to-face and online.


Space for Self

Kokono serves non-traditional business people who start from nothing, employ their imagination and create value for the world.


What is Kokono?

A space for business beginners to unlock human abilities (hi, imagination!) and create products or services that contribute to local and global problems.

Why Choose Kokono?

If you seek a meaningful challenge, welcome. You will start your business with no investment. With 1:1 feedback from your mentor and templates.

What topics to expect?

Goal setting, personality development, biohacking, project management, ideation, social innovation, customer research, websites, graphic design, product prototyping, digital marketing, writing, business planning, sales. All packed as clear steps.

What skills will I learn?

You will be able to navigate uncertainty, listen, reflect, research, synthesise ideas, coach yourself when facing a challenge, create a website, a flyer, make a sale, think and act as a marketer, direct yourself in a new project and move it forward. And more.

How do business classes happen?

Over a video call. I share my screen. And show you how. You share your screen. We have a reflection.

Rarely, we can meet face-to-face if you happen to be in the same town or city, where I am now. Message me.

Why care?

Trends say that 40% of workers will lose jobs in next 10 years. Give yourself a break and resilience skills in an uncertain world . Create a job for yourself that does not exist. Learn a repeatable process of creating ideas and products, and making sales happen.

Problem Solving


You talk. Kokono listens. Expect solutions.