Rewild your Self

Kokono develops resilient entrepreneurs with skills to learn and create products for sale.

Join learning expeditions if you seek a meaningful adventure and practical skills. Expect to make a real website and grow a real business.

Dive deep and come back with a real product

My Self

Explore your inner world and learn to become whoever you want to be.

My Town

Make use of your skills. Learn to design a service and promote your offers.

My World

Sell while you sleep. Learn to make a real website and develop audience online.


Why learn with Kokono?

Imagine you have a superpower. No matter what life brings you, now you can solve all of your problems, remember your dreams and make ideas happen.

Kokono offers practical training for people who seek to get to know themselves better and create value for the world. All by taking tiny steps.

You will learn by doing, be driven by your interests, truly understand the topics, see real results fast and have fun along the way.

What will I learn?

How to make websites, design products and services, promote your business locally and online.

How to set goals, change your habits, be productive and creative.

How to develop your audience online but also find customers locally.

How to explain what you do clearly but also express your values.

And more!

Is this for me?

If you agree that everyone secretly wants to express themselves and find a meaning in life, then business is a path for you.

You will make your heart bump and have a money-making alternative compared to a traditional job.

Will I start a business?

Start learning with Kokono from zero even before you have business ideas. Kokono will guide you step-by-step from reflecting on your career goals, getting to know yourself better, then playing with ideas and creating your product first, finding customers and only then registering as a self-employed trader.

What is a product?

Think about a product as a way to create value for people. How can you be useful and make people’s lives better? 

For example, instead of promoting gardening services, sell a water garden that’s easy to maintain, instead of potatoes, promote organic vegetables delivery in hand-made baskets. And so on!

How will I learn?

Over video calls or face-to-face for individuals and groups of five.

Learning Expeditions work like 5 months long courses (monthly videos with a project work).

Classes work like one-time video workshops taken anytime. For business services, let’s talk.

Where can I learn face-to-face?

In Ireland in 2020 spring and summer, in Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Finland in summer and autumn, in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) in winter. Contact me if you want training in your country.

Where are you from?

I’m Ruta and I come from the Internet. 😃 I was born in Lithuania and spent last decade in Dublin’s technology bubble. Now, I’m on an expedition in the countryside where I share my knowledge with people.

How much?

€50 per hour for a live 1:1 video training, €70 per hour for a face-to-face training, 200 for a face-to-face workshop for 5 people. (Add VAT on top of that.) For business services, let’s talk.

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